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Are you working on any Mega Tiles water autotiles at the moment?

Are there any guides on how to use these? Bought this hoping it was just open and use in Tiled but it doesn't seem to be that way. How do the cliffs work? Like, are the samples drawn by hand or are there rulesets for the terrains? Because all I have is half completed terrains.

Hi, thank you for getting in touch!

Most of the terrains were mapped manually. The top part of cliffs were mapped first, using terrain autotiles. The bottom part was mapped later, in a bottom layer.

We apologize but at this time, the MT Terrains does not come with auto map rules for hills, only brush for the terrains.

If you find this asset to be of no use to you due to this, please contact Itch customer support and request a refund for this purchase and we'll gladly approve the refund request.

Thank you for the reply, I've sent a support ticket and have received no response from them unfortunately 

No problem. They usually take some time to get back to you, but should eventually get to you. We apologize but we're unable to refund your purchase on our end without them. T_T


how  the autotile for GODOT


Hi, I used some of your resources in this music video I made. Check it out and share if you'd like.

Hey, I brought this tileset recently but I don't know how to import it to RPG Maker MV. Any instructions?


Of course! We'd be glad to help!

First, you will need to move the MT tilesets files to your RPG Maker MV project's img/tilesets folder.

You may find the files in a the folder MT_Terrains_Lite\Tilesets.

Once you've copied the files into your project's tilesets folder, you can setup the tileset in the RPG Maker MV Editor.

When you setup the "Images" on the left, please pick the corresponding tileset that you would like to use in A2, A4, and A5. The files we've included are named in that format for your convenience. You may also elect to choose a E file to put in as well, depending on the landscape you're trying to create.

Once that is done, you may create a map using the newly created tileset.

Thank you so much! I started panicking when I saw the tsx files.