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Wondering if you'd ever do an animals pack? I have pretty much every other pack so far and haven't seen any cats, dogs, birds, mice, etc.
Amazing work!

That's a good idea for a pack! If you have any specific animal you'd like to see, please let us know here and we'll add it to the list. Thanks!

Our current list is as follows:

-Cow -Cat -Dog -Squirrel -Camel -Goat -Sheep -Chicken -Duck -Goose

Thanks! Love the amazing work for the sprites and tiles!
Some other animals that may be good:
- Rat -Mouse -Pig -Crow/blackbird -Seagull -Fox -Frog

Great collection :) !

Thanks! =)

any chance at a discount for packs we already have? I already got all the human packs, the dark elf pack, and the orc pack. 70 dollars for a pack that I assume is like, half made up of stuff I already bought kinda sucks

That is fair enough, we'll look into this. How about we set a 75% off for people who owns every single sprite pack so far? Would that seem fair to you?

this is great actually yeah

I've been buying the individual packs - how does this compare to the other character packs available?

This basically expands on the variation of the characters to provide more sprites to choose from. While the sprites themselves are different than the ones featured in the individual packs, there is no reason to get this if you're already finding that the sprites in the individual packs to suffice for your needs.

only walk animations for these characters?

Yep, only walk animations and idle.

Do they have attack, skill animation sheets?

Sorry, only walk animations for these.

You don't mention how many unique vs recolor there are... seems fishy

While there may be some similarities between the characters, there are absolutely no direct recolors in here.