New addition to the Tiny Tales asset line!


Our newest release in the Tiny Tales line is here!

For this pack, we're introducing the companion sprite pack for our previously released battlepack, Monstrous Uprising!

With this you'll be able to bring the battlers alive on your map for interaction or used for patrol battles!

For a limited time, get the two newly released packs for 50% off if you already own the entire TinyTales line!


Tiny Tales Monstrous Uprising NPC 1.0 204 kB
Jan 14, 2022

Get Tiny Tales Pixel 2D: Monstrous Uprising RPG NPC Sprite Pack

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Your 50% off promotion seems to require a pack that does not exist on itch. Am I missing something here?

That is a mistake on our end. That condition has been removed. Our sincerest apologies for this mistake.

No worries! Thanks!