TT Heroes: A New Beginning Released!

The first Heroes Pack for Tiny Tales is finally here!

In TT Heroes: A New Beginning, you will find 8 unique and expertly crafted heroes for your game!

The world has fallen prey to a corrupt order, and only those that band togheter to fight evil shall prevail! With this pack, you will have all the necessary tools to bring unique heroes to life in your game! Portraits, Side View Battlers, Static Battlers and Map Sprites, all included to start an epic journey!

Assets  split by the following types:

  • Map Sprites (9 Sprites)
  • Static Battlers (9 Sprites)
  • Large Portraits (9 Sprites)
  • Facesets (2 Facesets with 8 portraits each, the second being an alt to Dragon Knight's portrait)
  • SV Battlers compatible with RPG MV/MZ
  • (Bonus!) 12 Starting Weapons for SV Battlers!

Our Heroes:

  • The Female Fighter, Child of Destiny
  • The Male Fighter, Hero of Prophecy
  • The Archer, Forest Protector
  • The Witch, Scholar of Mystic Arts
  • The Samurai, Wandering Warrior
  • The Dancer, Enchanter of Melodies
  • The Thief, Pickpocket Extraordinaire
  • The Dragon Knight, Defender of the Realm

As per usual, we're also having a loyalty sale giveaway for this pack! If you own the packs listed in the sale requirements, you will be able to purchase this pack for 99% off regular price! Click here for more info!

Once again, we'd like to thank everyone for your continued support. Without them, we would have never gotten this far with Tiny Tales. Thank you everyone!


Tiny Tales Heroes A New Beginning 1.0 856 kB
May 08, 2022

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The weapons included as a bonus in this pack, can I ask what they are? 

Yep, they're as follows:

Thank you for the quick reply, I will make a purchase from you this weekend.  Look forward to all your releases!

I'm getting this as soon as money permits.  I need that witch in my life. :D

So, are these compatible with normal default rpgmaker tiles or how much of the other stuff will I need?  I'd buy the bundle if I could afford it but I plan to buy everything eventually.

Hi! These are indeed compatible with the tile size of RPG Maker VX Ace, MZ and. MV. As for how much you need, well that would be entirely up to you. These packs have enough to satisfy most of what a game would need, but can also be used and combine with other assets!

Awesome.  I'll probably buy this tomorrow then!

This pack is already an epic start. Can't wait for more facesets and sideview characters to come.

Thank you! We're overwhelmed by the positive reception from this pack. We'll definitely be trying to make more of these! =D

Glad to hear! I'll sure be using two or three of these characters in my game's party already, but I'll wait for more variety. I'm sure you'll come up with something epic. A white mage and a dark knight would be great for example. Also some beastmen to go with the beastmen sprites you already have :)

Always excited to see what’s next in this series. I would like to take a closer look at the Sideview Battler sprites if anything. Also has me wonder if you are open to requests now that your resource options have expanded.


Thank you for your kind words. We currently have no plans on taking requests due to our inability to promise anything concrete... but that is indeed an interesting idea we'd like to explore in the future. More communication with our user base is always welcome. We'll just have to find a better communication channel for it... Perhaps starting a Discord channel of sort.