Upcoming packs and updates

Hi everyone,

We're here to provide you with some upcoming updates to TinyTales!

First, we're currently working on the next batch of Tiny Tales Heroes. Expect another 8 heroes joining the Tiny Tales family! The heroes in this upcoming pack will mostly include races outside of the common fantasy race! Expect Dark Elves, Tieflings and even Orcs!

We're also in the process of updating the current heroes pack, "A New Beginning" with expression sets for each character. We're currently planning 8 expression per character. Please let us know what sort of expression would be useful to you for these characters!

As we ramp up our production efficiency for TinyTales, we'd also like to hear what are some of the things you all like to see in the future from TinyTales. Tiles, characters, battlers, battle back, what interests you the most? Let us know in the comment section!

That's it from us today. Thank you again for your support!

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Cannot wait for the oni and drow.

wow! can't wait for it. 


I would like to add inquisitive/pensive/deep in thought to the list of possible emotions.  (Thats just one, just put in different ways).  So important to demonstrate a character is thinking to themselves and not speaking!


These look great! Fantastic work on everything TinyTales has been doing.

I would love to see some more tilesets and battlebacks in the future! TinyTales is a big part of my project and while i've been doing a decent job making my own stuff in the style of TT it would be awesome to have some more content for my own sanity!

A couple of town battlebacks would be bomb.


Thank you for the response! We've got a lot of these coming in the near future. Stay tuned! =D


I'm so incredibly excited for this!

I would love to see these expressions:

Thank you for the suggestions! All great suggestions that we should be able to pull off!


Hope can have this list sprite

Idle.Walk.Jump.Jump attack.Victory

Attack 1.Attack 2.Dash.Die.Item


because see like good !


I agree, more animations are the most important thing missing. We have a huge variety of amazing sprites already, but all they do is walk. They don't even idle!

I realize that making animations is a lot of work, but it would actually allow these sprites to be used, rather than just serve as a template for developers that can use them as  a base to create their own animations.

More depth, less breadth please!

Thank you for your feedback. Would this be something like a Zelda sprite?

(1 edit)

Zelda is a full action rpg, which needs a lot of animation. This would of course be awesome, but also a lot of work.

An Idle animation would already be a good start, then it depends - you don't need attack animations because you are going for a final fantasy battler style of combat, but the following would allow a great variety of games (sorted by what I think most important):

  • Idle
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Harvest (Axe)
  • Harvest (Pickaxe)
  • Pick Up
  • Carry
  • Jump

Got it. We'll see what we can do about this for our Heroes sprites. Thanks for the suggestion!


Looking good!

Thank you! =D