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Tiny Tales is designed for those who want to create a cutesy yet epic adventure scenario for their game. In TT Heroes: A New Beginning, you will find 8 unique and expertly crafted heroes for your game!

The world has fallen prey to a corrupt order, and only those that band together to fight evil shall prevail! With this pack, you will have all the necessary tools to bring unique heroes to life in your game! Portraits, Side View Battlers, Static Battlers and Map Sprites, all included to start an epic journey!

This pack Includes:

Assets  split by the following types:

  • Map Sprites (9 Sprites)
  • Static Battlers (9 Sprites)
  • Large Portraits (9 Sprites)
  • Facesets (2 Facesets with 8 portraits each, the second being an alt to Dragon Knight's portrait)
  • SV Battlers compatible with RPG MV/MZ
  • (Bonus!) 12 Starting Weapons for SV Battlers!

Our Heroes:

  • The Female Fighter, Child of Destiny
  • The Male Fighter, Hero of Prophecy
  • The Archer, Forest Protector
  • The Witch, Scholar of Mystic Arts
  • The Samurai, Wandering Warrior
  • The Dancer, Enchanter of Melodies
  • The Thief, Pickpocket Extraordinaire
  • The Dragon Knight, Defender of the Realm

License Information

  • You cannot claim ownership of the assets (copyright/IP).
  • Assets can be used both in free and commercial games.
  • Assets can be modified freely to fit the needs of your game.
  • Redistribution and reselling of the asset files or derivatives as is without permission is strictly forbidden.

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AuthorMega Tiles
Tags16-bit, 2D, battlers, enemy, Pixel Art, portraits, RPG Maker, side-view, Sprites, tiny-tales


Buy Now$24.99 USD or more

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Tiny Tales Heroes A New Beginning 1.0 856 kB

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Hello, just wanted to say that the heroes are amazing and was wondering if you're going to continue the tiny tales series? 

I don't suppose you could extend the bundle (or make a new one) for January 2023 could you? I was planning on buying this soon as I get paid after the holidays, but your bundle will be gone by then. Hope to snag this, and thank you for the amazing assets!

No worries, we'll have another one for 2023! Thanks =D

these are really awesome. By any chance, do you do custom work

Thanks! Sorry, but we're currently not doing custom work at the moment. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Thanks so much for getting back to me! I ended up purchasing the bundle. Looking forward to more in the new year I hope!


I think it's really time for the Tiny Tales full Iconset to match over the RTP and then some.  I'd also like to see more tilesets for say Forest (lots of different forest options and different Tree A4's to choose from), Cave, Shore, Desert, Sky (Cloud Land), Town (Interior and Exterior), Mountain, Swamp, Volcano, etc.


Also a 2D Villains set would be good.  Do it just like the heroes set where.  The Villains would have all needed to be playable actors or evil face in a faceset.  Some people like anti-heroes.

(1 edit)

I wanted to say that all your work is fantastic!  Your art style is really appealing and there is a lot!  I would like to request an add on feature that would export SV batters in addition to the walking sprites to the character generator.  (Adding comment here because SV battlers are here)  I know that it's a lot of work, and frankly, it might be better to focus on other areas for your clientele as you aren't only rpgmaker.  Thought I would express the interest, and thank you for everything so far.  Huge fan!

Do you take commisions or requests? Also, do you have a patreon?

Hi! Sorry, we currently are not accepting commission requests, and we also don't have a patreon. =(


These are awesome! I love that you guys have gotten around to player battlers now! Another stellar pack.


Thank you! =D